Aren't the health laws Jewish Old Testament rituals which Christ did away with at the cross?

When Jesus died, He gave His life to redeem mankind. His death did not affect in any way what is healthy and what is not healthy. It only makes sense that if pork, for example, was unhealthy because it was a scavenger before the cross, it is unhealthy because it is a scavenger after the cross. Contrary to popular opinion, the Biblical health laws are not for the Jews alone.

When Noah entered the ark, he was instructed to bring the clean animals by sevens and the unclean by twos. Since the clean animals would be eaten due to the shortage of vegetation after the flood, they were brought by sevens. In Lev. 11, God distinguishes between clean and unclean animals for all mankind. Isa. 65:2-5 describes those who have rebelled against God as worshipping idols and eating swine’s flesh.

The prophet Isaiah reveals that the rebellious will be destroyed as those "eating swines flesh." God knows best. He desires our bodies in good health. He invites us to give up anything which harms His temple.